We offer grooming services to every type, breed and size of dog, medium or small.

- Edmonton, Alberta

Quality Service And Comfortable Pooches.

Your Pooch Means Everything To Us!


Our staff treats every dog like it is their own. We are packed full of animal lovers who will go out of their way to make sure your pet is cared for and comforted. We understand some dogs may be a little "bratty" but we make sure we take care of them professionally. We never sedate them or handle them in a rough manner.


Building trust between our staff and our clients is what matters to us most. We fully understand trust is the most important factor to be able to successfully operate our business. Not only do we build trust with our customers but we build long lasting relationships with them and their pooches!


730 Ormsby Road West, Edmonton, Alberta T5T6E4


Sham Pooches services all small and medium sized dogs in Edmonton, Alberta. We are a complete dog grooming salon that offer services such as baths, trimming and shaving, nail clipping and teeth cleaning. We can have your pooch looking its best in no time!

Professional Pet Grooming Salon

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