Dog Grooming Services

We recognize the influence of inflation on your earnings. At Shampooches, you have the opportunity to experience a top-tier grooming service for your furry friend at a more cost-effective rate in comparison to other grooming establishments.

Your Pets Deserve The Best!

We offer shavings, trimming with scissors, bathing and tidying, nail clipping, self-service washing facilities and professional dog grooming.

Dog Bathing

Dog Bathing is a great option for dogs who get much dirtier than others. Baths help rid your dog of all dirt and odors.

Dog Grooming

Sham Pooches is fully equipped to fully bathe, clip and groom your dog. From puppy cuts to scissor cuts we can do any style cut that you request. We make sure all of our products are pet safe and animal approved!

Nail Clipping

Sham Pooches provides your dog with a gentle alternative for getting their nails clipped. Many dogs don’t like having their nails clipped but we keep them calm and comfortable so they can stay looking great!

Sham Pooches Dog Grooming Services

Nails, Ears, Haircuts, Baths & More!

Your furry friend will love coming to Sham Pooches. Even if your dog is usually nervous in these types of situations, we know how to handle them and make them feel comfortable. The best part about our salon is that we’re home based, so your dog will feel as if they are just visiting another friend!

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